Retreat 21 Cider

Retreat 21 is a working cidery, and we’re proud to produce our own cider here on-site. 

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Our Harrison cider is a single variety cider and dry with a complex profile. It features notes of crisp pear, fragrant honeysuckle, subtle hints of comforting banana bread, and culminates in a satisfyingly dry finish.

The Harrison apple is aruably the best cider variety America has ever produced. In 1817, William Coxe called it “the most celebrated of cider apples in New Jersey”. Believed lost, it was rediscovered in the latter 20th century and its identity confirmed by Virginia pomologist Tom Burford. This varietal recalls the golden age of American cider. 


Our Goldrush cider is a single variety and semi-dry with a citrus-forward profile. It features notes of grapefruit and has a refreshing finish.

Goldrush is a recent American apple from Purdue University, names for its color and the rush of flavor it offeres. That flavor is rich, complex and vinous. Its tart acidity, balanced with a spicy sweetness, makes it highly prized for cider.


Our Heirloom Blend cider is a carefully selected blend of four varieties, offering a semi-sweet profile with bright flavors of lemon and grapefruit, complemented by notes of honey and a subtle vinous character.

 A classic favorite, our Heirloom Blend is a semi-sweet crowd pleaser, whether you’re a seasoned cider drinker, or enjoying cider for the first time. 

Learn more about Garrett, our head Cider Maker, and how he has a personal hand in creating a one of a kind cider expeirence here at Retreat 21.

Meet the Cidermaker at Retreat 21

We pressed Garrett for some details on life as a Cidermaker. Get all the juicy details of cidermaking!

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