Surrounded by acres of serene nature, Retreat 21 balances adventure with intentional sustainability. Rethink 21 is a social initiative, designed to minimize our footprint and preserve the magic of our environment while inspiring our guests to do the same.


Through innovation, consciousness and stewardship we must rethink the 21st Century and reshape the environmental outlook for future generations

Improving the lives of people people and planet health are intrinsically connected.

Causes we fight for:

  • Preservation of natural resources and habitats (land and sea)
  • Clean water and water justice
  • Improved food systems
  • Environmental Justice

How we fight:


We donate to causes & research aligned with each of our core focus areas.


Through conscious capitalism practices and our sustainability programs we try to model the actions we advocate for (an ongoing pursuit, with lots of room for growth).

Awareness & Education

Through community events and our consumer focused brand, we aim to spread awareness and inspire action.


We host retreats for organizations and teach them about the Rethink 21 Business Practices.

ReThink Tanks

We connect experts in each field to groups interested in exploring how they can make a greater impact

Rethink 21 Apparel coming soon!